Please see below for answers to some frequently-asked questions. If your question has been answered below, and you are ready to proceed, go ahead and configure your system!

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How does the filing system work?

 Our filing system allows for absolutely no misfiling as the labels are stuck on the guide lines provided on the folder. The letter A is on the left edge side of the folder, with Z on the right edge - therefore when opening the drawer the labels run at a 45 degree angle. We offer colour coding of up to 13 colours.

Do you offer different formats?

On the 50 Sheet Folder we do a Medical Format (for the medical profession), Personnel Format (staff record files), Government Format (for Government departments) and a standard Business Format. The contents of the 50 sheet folder per drawer is between 300 and 500 (depending on the thickness of each file). The 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 sheet folders come in Business and Government Formats.

How many documents can each drawer accommodate?

The equivalent of 30 lever arch files worth of documents. Different sized folders can accommodate 50, 100, 200, 400 or 800 sheets of A4 paper. On the 100 sheet folder, it’s 120 files per drawer (that is the maximum as the folder has to lie on the gusset); on the 200 sheet folder, it’s 60 files per drawer; on the 400 sheet folder, it’s 30 files per drawer; on the 800 sheet folder, it’s 15 files per drawer.

Do you offer a choice of label?

There are 2 types of label - Alphabetical with 18 labels on a sheet with 13 colours, and the Numerical with 32 labels on a sheet with 7 colours.  The Alphabetical tabs are longer to take the words and the numerical are shorter for filing with numbers. Absent cards are also provided with date and member of staff who has taken the folder (it replaces a file that has been taken out) so as to track the location of the folder.

Do you deliver?

We deliver at no cost from a 30 kilometre radius of the Harare central post office. Any deliveries outside Harare attract a 12% surcharge.


How big is a cabinet?

 Each cabinet measures 1m wide x 0.5m deep. The height of a 3 drawer is  870cm, a 4 drawer is 1m, a 5 drawer 1.380m, a 6 drawer 1.6m. This system saves 60% of office space. A 6 drawer cabinet can accommodate the equivalent of 180 lever arch files in a space of 0.5 of a square meter. The space saved doubles your filing capacity


What are the finishes on the cabinets?

 Our cabinets have melamine finishes in the following: Cream (standard colour) White, Natural Oak, Honey Beach, Royal Cherry, Royal Mahogany and Fox Tone Grey. Apart from the cream colour the others are mostly used in executive offices to match the rest of the furniture.

What finishes do you offer for the handles?

On our aluminum handles, we do Antique Silver, Black, Green, Blue, and Maroon.

What safety features do your products have?

 All our products are manufactured with central locking and anti tilt mechanism, allowing one drawer to open at a time for safety and efficiency. This is to international standards and all manufactured in Zimbabwe. There is a 7 year warranty on the on the drawer slides.

Any additional features?

The bottom drawer can be accommodated as a stationery drawer.