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The ultimate filing system from Eazy File saves space, time and, ultimately, saves money. Our rapid retrieval (10 seconds per file) means your administration time is greatly reduced, and your staff are free to do the tasks that bring value to your company.

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  • Unique Dimensions

    Our unique cabinet dimensions - may save up to 60% of office floor space. Space saved can be put to more productive use or double your filing capacity.

  • Indexing system

    Efficient unique indexing system, colour coding, numerical or alphabetical filing, rapid retrieval and virtually no mis-filing of documents - an advantage in today's competitive world.

  • Saves Money

    Less inital and recurring expenditure - maximise use of expensive office space - uncompromising versatility and efficiency increases staff productivity.

Our Products

We provide a range of products from filing cabinets to labels and office chairs.

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